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The company Giuseppe & F.lli BONAITI S.p.A. has been established in 1938 in Calolziocorte, at that time under the Provincial Administration of Bergamo. The company is the result of a series of industrial initiatives that started in the early 19th century in Lecco where, ever since 1830 Giuseppe Bonaiti, great-great-grandfather of the current owners of the company, worked in his workshop located along the banks of the river Gerenzone, whose waters provided the energy to make the machines work.

As years went by, there have been several innovations to the production process of the company that, encouraged by the needs of a growing country (remember that Italy's independence took place in 1861) combined the original wire drawing process, the production of small metal parts, for civil and military use, the production of door locks, the rolling of steel strips and, lastly, the spring catches and safety devices in one single working place. This lasted long until, in the 1970s, the production requirements of each sector made it necessary to separate the different working process and transfer each in a different site.

This gave birth, in 1977, to a new company, Kong S.p.A. and the construction of a new 6,000 m2 plant in which the whole activity of production of the spring catches and safety devices. In 1993 was established the Bonaiti Serrature S.p.A., that produced door locks and small metal parts. In 1972, moreover, Bonaiti, together with a small number of Lecco companies founded Delna, a company specialised exclusively for the pickling of coils and wire rods and to the shearing of steel strips.

Today the company Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti S.p.A. produces steel rolled sections and drawn products in his plant in Calolziocorte and in the production site of Palazzago (Bergamo), where the drawn products production has been moved in September 2000.
Since September 2004, a second rolled sections department has began production in the new plants in Palazzago.
The company employs about 100 people.

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Giuseppe & F.lli Bonaiti S.p.A.: Reg. Cap. € 1,200,000 fully paid. - Taxpayer's code, VAT Code and Enterprises Register number 00217630169 - Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture number LC 40699 - Mechanical Code LC 000953